Welcome to a Family of Idols!


As the creators of Idol Athletes of Miami, we would like to welcome you to a family of Idols. We hope to continue to build prosperous relationships with each and every one of you and make an impact in your child’s life.

Jose Rodriguez and Samantha Nuche founded this company as a means of bridging the cheerleading and dance world with the professional. This company was created with the philosophy that athleticism and character go hand in hand.

“At Idol Athletes of Miami we strive for excellence and live to produce well rounded individuals through physical training. We make every effort to ensure safety and progression through a unique program built to suit all ages. We are here to service anyone interested in bettering themselves both in athleticism and character. Most importantly we combine moral and ethical teachings with our daily routines. We pride ourselves in developing performers that will later become role-models for generations to come. Ourcompany is here to better lifestyles and most importantly to create our future idols.”

Located just minutes away from the 826-Palmetto expressway, our state of the art, air-conditioned facility has a full nine strip spring floor, a seven strip non-spring floor, a full tumble strip, a tumble track, parent viewing area, and a second floor 1,000 sq ft dance studio with its own entrance. From ages 3 and up, Idol combines a fun and energetic learning environment without jeopardizing safety and technique. Idol believes in positive reinforcements and ensures that every person that walks in and out of our facility
has something new to offer to the community. At Idol we focus on applying general life skills in training to make sure we are taking full advantage of every skill a child has to offer. Come see what everyone is talking about, come join a family of Idols.